Michael Rowan is the founder and CEO of AmeriPro Inspection Corporation. After spending seven years in the United Kingdom in the building inspection profession, carrying out thousands of commercial building inspections and gaining his charter building inspection certification with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and completing a two post Graduate in Construction Project Management with Reading University, Michael moved to the United States in 1994 to rejoin his family and set up his own building inspection and consultancy company. In an area where building inspection was almost unknown, he saw the immediate need for a company with trained professionals dedicated to honesty, integrity and professionalism.

His goal was to build a company on the backbone of high ethics, one inspection and one inspector at a time. His commitment to training has led to what he believes is the best team of inspectors in the United States.

After an exhaustive analysis of residential property transactions, Michael realized, from his experience in home inspections, that AmeriPro Inspection Corporation would grow quickly when based upon a good reputation for delivering quality inspection services and customer satisfaction.

Backed by a solid inspection team with even more residential inspection experience, Michael developed his own inspection report system, which is now used not only by AmeriPro but many other inspection companies around the country. Ameripro has not only achieved its success through Michael's personal commitment, but also through the select team of home inspection experts which he has assembled.
Some of Michael's Credentials Include:

• Past Member of The American Society of Home Inspectors
• Past Member of The Florida Association of Building Inspectors
• State Certified General Contractor - CGC #058730
• Certified 203K Consultant
• Consultant Member of SBCCI (Southern Building Code Congress International)
• Certified Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
• Certified Wind Inspector
• Certified Wind Certification Entity, with the Department of Financial Services (Florida)
• Complete Florida Solar Energy training for class energy rater course
• Class 3 energy rater
• Class 2 energy rater
• Florida Green Building Certifying Agent
• LEED for homes for fields agent FSEC training

Michael also saw his business change in the summer of 2005. Being first on the real estate contract you get the benefit of feeling market changes first. At that time Michael have seen the seller's market make its move to a buyer's market. In March of 2006, Michael spearheaded a sellers marketing and inspection program called which took about 14 months to complete. The program is extremely sophisticated because it contains a rating component in addition to an inspection report for each home that is inspected. The rating report is based on building condition and life cycle costing. For sellers today trying to get the best price for their home, Michael believes this program is a must.

Michael has also steered his company to many more successes in his career. Being one of only 9 companies to be awarded the Wind Certification Contract in the state of Florida for the My Safe Florida Home program was an honor for Michael.

Michael did not take this position for granted and invested not only his time on helping to better this program, but also the program for AmeriPro. Michael has developed in house training modules for wind mitigation and insurance inspections. Michael has completed the only online third party quality assurance technology for the insurance inspection industry. Being able to deliver real time quality assured inspections is very important at any level but extremely important when dealing with potentially thousands of inspections at any time. Michaels online software, requires the dedication of not only our field inspection division but also our quality assurance department to ensure all the data and photographs uploaded are correct before delivery. It is very important for Michael to gain the trust of Insurance Carriers and the risk we mitigate with every inspection we do for their clients.

Michael also over the last 14 years has development many training programs, software applications, and much more for our industry. Some of our inspectors get upset with the extent of training and continuing education we do, whether it is for software updates, advancements or building product review. But the end result is always our clients getting what they are paying for. A qualified inspector and inspection report.



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