Inspection Depot, Inc., was conceived and established by Michael Rowan, president and founder of AmeriPro Inspection Corporation, Inc. a home inspection company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. It is a new, ground-breaking service and supply company created to empower home inspection professionals across the country with proven tools for increasing revenues and improving inspectors’ quality of life. The operational streamlining and customer service enhancements to which Inspection Depot is dedicated are the product of years of hands-on, practical experience by Michael Rowan, who began his building and home inspection career in Ireland and the United Kingdom in the mid eighties.

Michael received a formal, college-level education in building surveying, obtained his Designated Charter of Building Surveying and completed a demanding apprentice to one of Europe’s largest building surveying companies. Michael relocated to the United States and established what has become without question one of the most successful and fastest-growing inspection companies in Florida.

Not to be content with just being a successful home inspector, Michael Rowan has assumed an industry leadership role that has lead to his being one of the foremost innovators for the inspection industry. On his own initiative, Michael launched and led a three-year project to develop a unique, time-saving Home Guide Report System that is already revolutionizing the way inspectors conduct on-site documenting of their inspections and present the results to their customers.

The Home Guide Report System was first introduced to the inspection industry at the 2000 ASHI Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, and since that time, thousands of copies of the report system have been purchased and inaugurated into service by inspectors across the country.

With the founding of Inspection Depot, Inc., Michael Rowan brings to bear his years of inspection industry experience to tackle the day-to-day challenges of generating more revenue, delivering higher quality customer service, and improving inspectors’ quality of life – working smarter, not harder.

As conceived by Michael, Inspection Depot will provide a centralized source for a broad range of services that will include an Inspection Customer Service and Scheduling Center to handle daily administrative and inspection scheduling activities, marketing support, business development tools, risk management assistance, and programs for the recruitment and training of new inspectors.

You are invited to become a member if the Inspection Depot Affiliate Network, and participate in an endeavor which will reduce business headaches, streamline operations, increase revenues, grow the business and enhance its tangibility in the event a decision is made to sell it. We welcome your inquiries, and if you will provide us with your name and contact information, we will be happy to send you a complete information package.



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